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Welcome to Simple Romanian!

We’ve created this website in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania. This means you will hear a lot of conversation spoken in vampire dialect.

From time to time, you will also hear us speak English, rest assured that the Romanian accent is not far from that of dumbed-down Russians.

Now that you laughed at us, we present to you the best way to learn Romanian in our opinion, exposure and natural conversations held with natives.

What makes this website different from other language learning websites?

What makes the content from this website different is that we promote authentic language taken directly from the streets. The lessons are short and sweet and you can hear the language being pronounced in normal conversations. You can learn Romanian by listening to isolated words as well as we provide audio for everything written in the language.

Take a look at the video below to learn your first few words in Romanian in a natural way:

Let’s explain the concept of Simple Romanian in more detail.

Simple Romanian is more than just a language-learning or translation service website, it follows the story of Sergiu Dobozi, a character which does not care about social norms and is willing to stop people on the street and exploit their human flaws for his own gain.

You may or you may not like him, but at least he doesn’t have to ask for permission to do anything. The story has a lot of twists and turns, there is character development, tension, drama and passion.

All that matters is that in the end you will learn Romanian, following the Simple Romanian story. Just click on any lesson, to get  yourself started. Interact with us and let us know how you improved your Romanian with us.

Oh, you’re still not convinced that you should be learning Romanian with us? OK, before you start reading any of our lessons, I decided to add Lesson 0. Just to prove how generous we are. Learning a language is serious business. If you don’t start learning the swearwords  first and foremost, then there is something wrong.

learn romanian

Girl 1 : Muie Dragnea! E ok?

Suck a dick Dragnea! Is it OK?

Sergiu: E ok, e ok. Super.

It’s OK, it’s OK. Super.

Girl 2: Uhm, Du-te-n pizda mă-tii!

Uhm, go fuck yourself! (Literally, go into your mother’s vagina)

Girl 2: Faţă de pizdă, nu ştiu, it’s awkard!

Cuntface, I don’t know, it’s awkward!

Girl 3: Bag pula-n ea ploaie!

Fuck the rain (Literally I shove the dick into the rain)

Girl 4:  Du-te-n pula mă-tii?

Go into your mother’s dick?

Sergiu: Mama, mama are pulă. Ioooi, asta n-am mai, asta n-am mai auzit-o până acuma.

Mother, mother has a dick. OMG, this one I’ve never, this one I’ve never heard until now.

Girl 4: Atunci du-te-n pizda mă-tii.

Then go fuck yourself! (Just because I didn’t hear that swearing before?)

Girl 5: Pizda mă-tii!

Your mother’s cunt!

Sergiu: Perfect

Girl 5: Mersi


And you’re welcome Girl 5, you’re welcome.

Since this is lesson 0, I won’t explain all the extra words and grammar, but a lot of it is simple and you can figure it out for yourself with a little extra work and a teacher (and we’ll get to that later).

Just know that if you go through all of the carefully laid out 60+ free lessons here, this lesson, lesson 0 is gonna be a piece of cake.

Now you should know or realize by now that this website is more than just for learning Romanian, it can help you do much more than that. We connect language learning to social freedom. Our service unknowingly acts as a…as a  service through which sleazy foreign sex-tourists can facilitate their actions.

There, I said it. We said it (The Simple Romanian team that is).

It’s kind of gross really. It’s kind of gross. Women face enough harassment on the street by strange men without me encouraging foreigners to do the same, right? Why not post a lesson on how to talk about things that matter – politics, worldview, social justice…?

Because I know what attracts people to a language. That’s other people, or cartoons. A lot of people learn Japanese because of its wonderful Anime. But other than that, if you started learning the language it’s because you really love the girls in our country. And you may have been  convinced that the language is beautiful because of that.

Maybe a really nice cute girl said “Bag pula-n ea ploaie!” and then hocked a big nice loogie. That loogie almost hit you and you thought that was hot.

I know, I know. This subject is getting out of hand and you can’t wait to go for lesson 1. This is why I am going to cut things short, leave you to do your own thing, learn Romanian and whatnot. I just have one last request before you go and read about Sergiu Dobozi’s, “The Simple Romanian’s” adventures. Please, please vote in the pole below and read our users’ thoughts on our lessons. You don’t have to contact us, God no! But if you’re here for the free lessons and you also want to talk to us you can find out Sergiu’s motives for building this website (and it’s not to facilitate those evil sex-tourists’ actions) Cheers!

Why do YOU want to learn Romanian?
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The Simple Romanian team is now teaching on Skype. Click here to send us a message and let's learn Romanian together!

10 thoughts on “Learn Romanian Now!”

  1. Hello! Thanks for the nice site. The Romanian is pretty easy but I can see you have put a lot of effort into it. I voted “I want to live in the country” and was surprised to see it was the most popular answer. I came here from InterPals where I saw your link in the Forums. I am an EU citizen, so I hope living in Romania won’t be too difficult visa-wise. But I have to earn some more money before I can even consider making the move. Maybe a few of the warmer months in Romania would be enough. Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent site!! These lessons have given me more confidence in reading and writing Romanian. Keep up the good work!

  3. You should also mention that YouTube and iTunes are two the fastest, if not more efficient, way to learn a foreign language. Just a little something I picked up from the Chicago Tribune. Take me, for instance, I do have some proficiency in Romanian, thanks to the YouTube message boards, along with my two-year Associate’s Degree in Spanish. So not only has my college education paid off, I really have been having a BLAST learning about my heritage (regardless of what language it’s presented in) 🙂

  4. je crois que je suis la seule québécoise a vouloir apprendre cette langue…la raison pour laquelle je veut apprendre cette langue vas vous parraitre bizarre mais la voici…j ai fréquenté un homme de 13 ans mon cadet qui était d origine roumaine il était natif de bucarest et est arrivé au québec en 1985 nous nous sommes fréquentés de octobre 2007 a octobre 2009 ..nous nous sommes fiancés en septembre 2008!!!malgré le fait que ça c est mal terminé entre paul et moi….je me suis apperçu que j étais tombé amoureuse de sa culture sa langue et son pays encore plus que de ce type lâ!!!voila..ça vous donne probablement le gout de rire pcq mais tout cela est vrai!!!et aussi j aime beaucoup le groupe o zone ma chanson préférée d eux est…ORIUNDE AI FI…mon plus grand rêve serait de faire un voyage en roumanie plus particulierement a bucarest et d aller les voir en spectacle s ils se réunissent a nouveau(ils se sont réunis en mai 2017!!!eu iubesc românia!!!

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