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Welcome to Simple Romanian!

We’ve created this website in Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania. This means you will hear a lot of conversation spoken in vampire dialect.

We consider that the best way to learn Romanian is through constant exposure and natural conversations held with natives.

So, what makes the content from this website different is that we promote authentic language taken directly from the streets. The lessons are short and sweet and you can hear the language being pronounced in normal conversations. You can learn Romanian by listening to isolated words as well as we provide audio for everything written in the language.

Take a look at the video below to learn your first few words in Romanian in a natural way:

Did you watch the video? Great!

Now just click on any lesson, to get  yourself started. We prefer that you take them one at a time, in the order they were written. Once you read our lessons you can also interact with us and let us know how you improved your Romanian with us, or what you want to learn that we didn’t cover. Every lesson here is free!

Happy language learning!

Why do YOU want to learn Romanian?
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Update: Simple Romanian is now in the newspapers and on TV!

Below I have added subtitles so that you can watch and learn more words. Enjoy!


Simple Romanian also give affordable one-to-one private lessons. Click here to send us a message and let's learn Romanian together!

12 thoughts on “Learn Romanian Now!”

  1. Hello! Thanks for the nice site. The Romanian is pretty easy but I can see you have put a lot of effort into it. I voted “I want to live in the country” and was surprised to see it was the most popular answer. I came here from InterPals where I saw your link in the Forums. I am an EU citizen, so I hope living in Romania won’t be too difficult visa-wise. But I have to earn some more money before I can even consider making the move. Maybe a few of the warmer months in Romania would be enough. Keep up the good work!

  2. Excellent site!! These lessons have given me more confidence in reading and writing Romanian. Keep up the good work!

  3. You should also mention that YouTube and iTunes are two the fastest, if not more efficient, way to learn a foreign language. Just a little something I picked up from the Chicago Tribune. Take me, for instance, I do have some proficiency in Romanian, thanks to the YouTube message boards, along with my two-year Associate’s Degree in Spanish. So not only has my college education paid off, I really have been having a BLAST learning about my heritage (regardless of what language it’s presented in) 🙂

    1. matei is the name of the girl dan balan is longing for in the o – zone song oriude ai fi (wherever you are)…oriunde ai fi eu te voi găși oriunde tu ai fi eu te voi iubi…(wherever you are i will find you wherever you are i will love you!!!it worths to listen to it and the lyrics are substitled in both langages english and romanian!!! this is one of my favorite romanian song!!!and as it is said previously listening to songs is a very good tip to learn better and faster a foreign langage!!!

  4. je crois que je suis la seule québécoise a vouloir apprendre cette langue…la raison pour laquelle je veut apprendre cette langue vas vous parraitre bizarre mais la voici…j ai fréquenté un homme de 13 ans mon cadet qui était d origine roumaine il était natif de bucarest et est arrivé au québec en 1985 nous nous sommes fréquentés de octobre 2007 a octobre 2009 ..nous nous sommes fiancés en septembre 2008!!!malgré le fait que ça c est mal terminé entre paul et moi….je me suis apperçu que j étais tombé amoureuse de sa culture sa langue et son pays encore plus que de ce type lâ!!!voila..ça vous donne probablement le gout de rire pcq mais tout cela est vrai!!!et aussi j aime beaucoup le groupe o zone ma chanson préférée d eux est…ORIUNDE AI FI…mon plus grand rêve serait de faire un voyage en roumanie plus particulierement a bucarest et d aller les voir en spectacle s ils se réunissent a nouveau(ils se sont réunis en mai 2017!!!eu iubesc românia!!!

  5. Mon père était roumain, mais je n’ai jamais appris sa langue. Maintenant, après avoir appris plein d’autres langues, j’aimerais avoir les bases du roumain. Apparemment je comprends déjà beaucoup quand je lis, mais la prononciation est plus compliquée pour moi.

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