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What this page will show you is how to focus on the skill of learning any language so keep reading if that’s what you want.

We recommend you to complete each and every exercise and write the answers in the comments below, that way people reading them will become inspired and motivated in their studies. If you’re still a little shy and are afraid of mistakes, just tell us not to post the answers or we can post them only once we have corrected them.

So below are all of our tips/exercises for truly completing each week.

Exercise 1: Reading/Listening

Be religious about your reading practice. Even if you’re reading Facebook or Youtube comments as long as it’s in Romanian it counts. You don’t have to understand anything but you need to practice the skill of reading a foreign language and in this case you’ll get used to this language specifically.

Bonus: Listen to endless amounts of Romanian every day, it doesn’t matter if it’s youtube videos, tv programmes, movies. It doesn’t matter how much you understand, you can learn new words all the time.

Exercise 2: Grammar

What’s missing in the following sentence? Bună dimineaţa! Cum ____?

How about in these? Salut. Cum te ____?  Mă ______. Pe tine?

How do you turn this sentence into a negative sentence? (You want to say you’re not Romanian) Da, sunt român, tu?

Arrange the following words so you get a correct sentence: România, place, îți.

Turn the following sentence into an interrogative one (You want to make it a question): Aveți o clipă.

How do you say this in Romanian? I’m going to school.

Exercise 3: Listening/Speaking


How is she feeling today? Answer in Romanian as elaborate as possible using the third person singular (because you are talking about her).

Exercise 4: Speaking/Writing

Introduce yourselves! You can say your name, nationality and a few other things if you read lessons 1-7. This exercise can be done if you send us an audio file, it’s very easy to record yourselves speaking. If you can’t do that, then just writing your introduction will be enough. I prefer to practice just my speaking skills for exercise 4, as exercises 2 and 6 already provide opportunities for me to write

Exercise 5: Understanding

Ask us questions about something new! This exercise measures your curiosity level. People are always encouraged to ask questions during class, it’s a shame that few people take the opportunity to actually do it. They fail to realize that it’s probably the most important part of learning.

Exercise 6: Self-Expression

Write a text with new words that you found from exercise 1. Be creative, combine lessons 1-7 with your own words.

These are the most basic exercises we recommend you solve if you’re a beginner.

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  1. Buna ziua! Sunt Kevin din Olanda. Vreau un exemplu cu “la fel si de asemenea* si listul de verb “to give” in romana.

    1. Hi Kevin! Check out lesson 33 for an example with “la fel”. Stay tuned for lesson 35 where we will give you the list for the verb “to give” as well as an example for “de asemenea” 😛

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