Lesson 70 – Shots

Today we’re going to make some light fun of alcohol. Get it? Light? LITE???

It’s May 2019 and this month I am dedicating it to speaking to FETE BETE (drunk girls).

I have monthly lessons planned until December 2020. These are free advanced lesson that I am posting so that you never forget this website, even after speaking Romanian fluently.

Now let’s learn words like MAHMUR and A DA REPEDE PE GÂT


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2 thoughts on “Lesson 70 – Shots”

  1. Buna ziua! Sunt Kevin din Olanda. Vreau un exemplu cu “la fel si de asemenea* si listul de verb “to give” in romana.

    1. Hi Kevin! Check out lesson 33 for an example with “la fel”. Stay tuned for lesson 35 where we will give you the list for the verb “to give” as well as an example for “de asemenea” 😛

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