Lesson 14 – Food 2

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Street Conversation XIV

I asked a girl to pretend she was eating something, otherwise I couldn’t have done this lesson!

Sergiu: Ce mănânci?

What are you eating?

Girl: Spanac.


Sergiu: Cum e?

How is it?

Girl: Bun, foarte bun. Un pic sărat.

Good, very good. A little salty.

Grammar XIV


We know how to say to eat in Romanian, now let’s look at the verbs “to taste” and “to drink”.

GustI taste
GuștiYou taste
GustăHe, she tastes
GustămWe taste
GustațiYou taste
GustăThey taste
BeauI drink
BeiYou drink
BeaHe, she drinks
BemWe drink
BețiYou drink
BeauThey drink

Dialogue XIV

Sergiu: Ce mănânci?

What are you eating?

Daniela: Mănânc fructe.

I’m eating fruits.

Sergiu: Sunt bune?

Are they good?

Daniela: Da, sunt delicioase.

Yes, they’re delicious.

Key vocabulary XIV

Sărat – Salty

Dulce – Sweet (F.Sg. Dulce, M.Pl. Dulci, F.Pl. Dulci)

Amar – Bitter

Acru – Sour

Un pic – A little

Fruct (n.) – Fruit (Pl. Fructe)

Spanac – Spinach

Delicios – Delicious (F.Sg. Delicioasă, M.Pl. Delicioși, F.Pl. Delicioase)

Gust (n.) – Taste (Pl. Gusturi)

Măr (n.) – Apple (Pl. Mere)

Pâine (f.) – Bread (Pl. Pâini)

Legumă (f.) – Vegetable (Pl. Legume)

Morcov (m.) – Carrot (Pl. Morcovi)

Ou (n.) – Egg (Pl. Ouă)

Carne (f.) – Meat (Pl. Cărnuri)

Apă (f.) – Water

Lapte (n.) – Milk (Pl. Lăpturi)

Suc (n.) – Juice (Pl. Sucuri)

Supă (f.) – Soup (Pl. Supe)

Sare (f.) – Salt (Pl. Săruri)

Piper (m.) – Pepper (Pl. Piperi)

Bere (f.) – Beer (Pl. Beri)

Băutură (f.) – Drink (Pl. Băuturi)

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