Lesson 2 – Names


Street Conversation II

Today I decided to be a little braver and ask for a girl’s name.


Sergiu: Bună.


Union Square Girl: Salut.


Sergiu: Cum te cheamă?

What’s your name?

Union Square Girl: Timea.

A: Pe mine mă cheamă Sergiu.

My name is Sergiu.

Timea (now she has a name): Îmi pare bine (We say “îmi” (which means to me) very fast so it sounds like it’s not there)

Nice to meet you! (Literally “I’m glad”, even more literally “It looks good to me”)

Grammar II

Verbs and personal pronouns
Today we’ll continue with the verb “a chema” – to call. It’s crucial to learn this one so you can say your name.


Eu chemI call
Tu chemiYou call
El, ea cheamăHe, she calls
Noi chemămWe call
Voi chemaţiYou call
Ei, ele cheamăThey call

Taking it a step further, how would someone say “they call me”? You need to learn the two forms of the personal pronoun in accusative for that. The first one is the long version and the second one in the table is the short version.


Pe mine, măMe
Pe tine, teYou
Pe el, îl Pe ea, oHer, him
Pe noi, neUs
Pe voi, văYou
Pe ei, îi Pe ele, leThem

To say “they call me”, you can say ei mă cheamă pe mine. But that’s using all the pronouns possible. Remember, the personal pronoun is not mandatory, so we can say mă cheamă pe mine. Also the long form of the accusative personal pronoun is not needed, so in the end you can just say mă cheamă.

Another great verb is a se numi (to name oneself).


Eu mă numescI name myself
Tu te numeştiYou name yourself
El, ea se numeşteHe, she names himself, herself
Noi ne numimWe name ourselves
Voi vă numiţiYou name yourselves
Ei, ele se numescThey name themselves

The difference between o numeşte and se numeşte is that in the first case somebody else is calling her and in the second case, she is calling herself. Se means himself or herself and o means her.

Dialogue II


Sergiu: Salut.


Daniela: Salut. Cum te cheamă?

Hi. What’s your name?

Sergiu: Mă cheamă Sergiu. Pe tine?

My name is Sergiu. You?

Daniela: Mă cheamă Daniela.

My name is Daniela.

“How do they call you?” is in fact the way we ask someone for their names.

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