Lesson 21 – Lifestyle

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Advancing your feet on concrete is the best thing you can do.

Home Conversation XXI

Tired of walking the streets, I took another break and started to ask my girlfriend where she lives, even though I KNOW where she lives because she’s my girlfriend…anyway fun fact of the day: Cur means Ass.

Sergiu: Unde locuieşti?

Where do you live?

Kati: Pe strada Dorobanţilor, Cluj-Napoca.

On Dorobanţilor street, Cluj-Napoca.

Sergiu: Stai la casă?

Do you live in a house?

Kati: Din păcate, nu.

Unfortunately not.

Sergiu: Interesant, poate vin şi eu zilele astea. Cur…

Interesting, maybe I’ll come these days. Yar…

Kati: Unde?


Sergiu: Cum unde? Unde stai tu.

What do you mean where? Where you live.

Grammar XXI

Possessive Adjectives

Today we pick up from lesson 18 and give you the pronouns we use when there are several objects being owned, not just one.

Câinii mei, camerele mele My dogs, my rooms
Câinii tăi, camerele tale Your dogs, your rooms
Câinii lui, camerele lui, câinii săi, camerele sale, câinii ei, camerele ei His dogs, his rooms, his dogs, his rooms, her dogs, her rooms
Câinii noștri, camerele noastre Our dogs, our rooms
Câinii voștri, camerele voastre Your dogs, your rooms
Câinii lor, camerele lor Their dogs, their rooms

As you can see, the pronouns change according to the gender of the noun (lui, ei and lor are the only ones that don’t change).


The verb for today is a regular one. The verb a găsi (to find – past tense găsit)

Găsesc I find
Găsești You find
Găsește He, she finds
Găsim We find
Găsiți You find
Găsesc They find

Dialogue XXI

Sergiu: Unde locuiești?

Where do you live?

Daniela: Într-un cartier de oameni bogați. Andrei Mureșanu.

In a rich people neighborhood. Andrei Mureșanu.

Sergiu: Stai la casă?

Do you live in a house?

Daniela: Clar. E o casă în stil baroc. Mașină nu am, dar fac 10 minute pe jos până în centru.

Of course. It’s a baroque style house. I don’t have a car, but I make 10 minutes by foot to downtown.

Sergiu: Interesant. Poate vin și eu zilele astea. Curte ai?

Interesting. Maybe I’ll come too one of these days. Do you have a yard?

Daniela: Acolo stau mai tot timpul, sunt scriitoare și îmi place să scriu dar cel mai mult stau afară.

That’s where I sit almost all of the time, I’m a writer and I like to write, but I stay outside the most.

The word tot means “all” so when you say tot timpul it means “all the time”. You can also say MAI tot timpul which is “almost all the time” and another interesting fact is that you can articulate the word tot so it becomes totul (everything).

Totul este în regulă.

Everything is alright. (literally: “the all is in rule”)

Bonus words XXI

Mei (n.) – Millet (Pl. Meiuri)

Câinii mei mănâncă. Câinii mănâncă mei. Ăsta da stil de viață!

My dogs are eating. The dogs are eating millet. Now this is some lifestyle!

Key Vocabulary XXI

A sta – To sit, to live

Din păcate – Unfortunately

Cartier (n.) – Neighborhood (Pl. Cartiere)

Om (m.) – Man (Pl. Oameni – People)

Bogat – Rich

Casă (f.) – House (Pl. Case)

Clar – Of course

Stil (n.) – Style (Pl. Stiluri)

Mașină (f.) – Car (Pl. Mașini)

Pe jos – By foot

Până în – Until

Centru (n.) – Downtown (Pl. Centre – Centers)

Interesant – Interesting

Poate – Maybe

Și eu – Me too

Zilele astea – These days

Scriitor (m.) – Writer (Pl. Scriitori)

Dar – But

Cel mai mult – The most

Afară – Outside

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