Lesson 24 – Girls

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I haven’t spoken to my family in 6 months but I poked half my friends on Facebook for the last week.

Home Conversation XXIV

Home – Love is everything I want.


Sergiu: Ce faci?

What are you doing?

Kati: Mănânc supă. Tu?

I’m eating soup. You?

Sergiu: Mă gândesc la tine.

I’m thinking of you.

Kati: Ce fain!

So beautiful!

Grammar XXIV


The next level has arrived. Now we will conjugate two great unsung heroes of the Romanian verbs. A trece and a se gândi.

A trece – to cross or pass (exams).

TrecI cross
TreciYou cross
TreceHe, she crosses
TrecemWe cross
TrecețiYou cross
TrecThey cross

The second verb of the day is a se gândi. This verb is used a lot when you want to say that you are thinking of doing something, like going to the gym just to get girls

Mă gândescI think
Te gândeștiYou think
Se gândeșteHe, she thinks
Ne gândimWe think
Vă gândițiYou think
Se gândescThey think

Mă gândesc la tine, Kati.

I’m thinking of you, Kati.


Today we will focus on adjectives ending in -os. The best examples from this lesson are frumos and fioros.

Here are the terminations you need to memorize in order to successfully use these adjectives:

Oasă Oși Oase

Try to match the endings with the adjectives, in the Key Vocabulary we show you all the forms of this type of adjectives, so you can check if you were right.

Dialogue XXIV


Sergiu: Ce faci?

What are you doing?

Aron: Trec strada. Văd o fată foarte frumoasă și mă duc să vorbesc cu ea.

I’m crossing the street. I see a very beautiful girl and I’m going over to talk to her.

Sergiu: Ce curaj, frate!

What courage, brother! (That’s some courage you have, bro!)

Aron: Știu frate!

I know brother! (We’re not really brothers, but that’s the way they talk in Bucharest. Go shopping there, seriously. It’s awesome…also come visit Cluj, it’s a pretty nice, a pretty nice city)

Sergiu: Mai ales că e împreună cu tipul ăla fioros…

Especially because she’s together with that ferocious guy.

Aron: Frateee…


Act this dialogue out with one of your friends. I read this dialogue with my creative director, because I didn’t have any friends at the time. I only started making friends after lesson 29.

Key Vocabulary XXIV


Fată (f.) – Girl (Pl. Fete)

Femeie (f.) – Woman (Pl. Femei)

Curaj – Courage

Mai ales – Especially

Pentru că or Că – Because

Împreună cu – Together with

Tip (m.) – Guy (Pl. Tipi)

Fioros – Ferocious (Fioroasă, Fioroși, Fioroase)

Frumos – Beautiful (Frumoasă, Frumoși, Frumoase)

Prieten (m.) – Friend (Pl. Prieteni)

Prietenă (f.) – Female friend (Pl. Prietene)

Iubit, iubită – Lover (Pl. Iubiți, iubite)

Destul de bun – Pretty good

Tânăr – Young (Tânără, Tineri, Tinere)

Înalt – Tall

Chipeș – Handsome

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  1. bună diminața dragă echipă!!Am o întrebăre care este foarte împortantă pentru mine!!Am fost devenit o bunică nouă săptămâna trecută!!Atunci cum se spune (i love my grand daughter(eu iubesc fețită mea sau.. eu iubesc nepoată mea)? ….L-am văsut în dictionarul meu că acest cuvânt(nepoată) are doi semnicați( niece și grand daughter)!!

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