Lesson 3 – Nationalities


Street Conversation III

Eventually I will get the courage to lie that I’m from Sweden, but right now England’s good enough.


Sergiu: Eşti româncă?

Are you Romanian?

University girl: Da, tu eşti român?

Yes, are you Romanian?

Sergiu: Nu, eu sunt englez.

No, I’m English.

University girl: Super!

Sergiu: Yes!

Grammar III

Today let’s look at the verb “to come” – a veni.


VinI come
ViiYou come
VineShe comes
VenimWe come
VeniţiYou come
VinThey come
Am venitI came
Ai venitYou came
A venitHe, she came
Am venitWe came
Aţi venitYou came
Au venitThey came

We will learn another expression that behaves similarly with bună ziua, it wouldn’t sound natural if it weren’t an expression. We say welcome as “well you came”. Take a look at the below sentences:


Ai venit bine. You came well.                             Bine ai venit! Welcome!

Dialogue III


Sergiu: Eşti româncă?

Are you Romanian?

Daniela: Da, sunt româncă, tu?

Yes, I’m Romanian, you?

Sergiu: Eu sunt englez.

I’m English.

Daniela: Bine ai venit!


Key Vocabulary III


Ţară – country

România – Romania

Anglia – England

Franţa – France

Statele Unite – USA

Germania – Germany

Ungaria – Hungary

Italia – Italy

Grecia – Greece

The nationalities for each country are in the table below. The noun on the left is for men and the one on the right for women.


Român (Romanian)Româncă
Englez (English)Englezoaică
Francez (French)Franţuzoaică
American (American)Americancă
German (German)Germancă
Ungur (Hungarian)Unguroaică
Italian (Italian)Italiancă
Grec (Greek)Grecoaică
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7 thoughts on “Lesson 3 – Nationalities”

  1. Salut,
    To say ”I’m from Scotland.” would I say „Eu sunt Scoția.”? Or would it be more natural to just say „Sunt Scoția.”
    Mulțumesc 🙂

    1. Hi,
      You would say “Sunt din Scoția” where “din” means “from”.
      You’re right that it’s more natural to skip the personal pronouns.

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