Lesson 44 – Tinder Friends

Romanian Tinder girl

Tinder Conversation XLIV

Since I am clearly a player, I might as well teach you how to speak to a girl on Tinder, if you wanna get laid that is. Stick to this script and you’ll be gold!

A: Dacă am fi ultimii supraviețuitori ai Apocalipsei, ai face dragoste violentă cu mine?

If we were the last survivors of the Apocalypse, would you make violent love to me?

B: Nu.

A: Cine m-ar opri? Și oricum e Apocalipsă. Free Nutella peste tot.

Who would stop me? And anyway it’s an Apocalypse. Free Nutella everywhere.

B: Îmi place Nutella.

I like Nutella.

A: Vreau să te tăvălesc prin Nutella și apoi să te domin ca pe un cartof obraznic.

I want to roll you in Nutella and then dominate you like a naughty potato.

B: Nu știu ce să zic…

I don’t know what to say…

A: Ceva gen “oh vai, sunt măgulită, mereu am vrut să fac asta, numărul meu este 07xx-xxx-xxx”.

Something like “oh my, I’m flattered, I’ve always wanted to do that, my number is 07xx-xxx-xxx”.

B: =)))) 0766-123-456

Grammar XLIV


To guess and to get drunk are going to be our main culprits today. Enjoy learning how to say you like to get drunk.

A ghici – To guess

Ghicesc, ghicești, ghicește, ghicim, ghiciți, ghicesc

A se îmbăta – To get drunk

Mă îmbăt, te îmbeți, se îmbată, ne îmbătăm, vă îmbătați, se îmbată

Lasă-mă să ghicesc, îți place Nutella.

Let me guess, you like Nutella.

Mă îmbăt cu vin.

I get drunk with wine.


Remember when I said that the Dative and Genitive cases are practically the same? It wasn’t that long ago, so you gotta remember. We still have to learn how to say “of the” to really finish things off.

Of the can be said in Romanian in the following ways:

Al – Al bărbatului (of the man)

A – A femeii (of the woman)

Ai – Ai bărbaților (of the men)

Ale – Ale femeilor (of the women)

If you put al, a, ai, ale in front of the possessive adjectives that you learned in lessons 18 and 21 you get the possessive pronouns. Think of al, a, ai, ale as replacing the nouns.

Al meu, a mea, ai mei, ale mele – mine

Al tău, a ta, ai tăi, ale tale – yours

Al său, a sa, ai săi, ale sale – his

Al nostru, a noastră, ai noștri, ale noastre – ours

Al vostru, a voastră, ai voștri, ale voastre – yours

Al lor, a lor, ai lor, ale lor – theirs

Vocabulary XLIV

Supraviețuitor (m.) – Survivor (Pl. Supraviețuitori)

Apocalipsă (f.) – Apocalypse (Pl. Apocalipse)

Violent – Violent

A opri – To stop

Gratuit – Free

Peste tot – Everywhere

Oriunde – Everywhere

Orice – Anything

Oricum – Anyhow, anyway

A tăvăli – To roll

Prin – Through

A domina – To dominate

Obraznic – Naughty

Măgulit – Flattered

Mereu – Always

Întotdeauna – Always

Niciodată – Never

Speaking of potatoes...
Speaking of potatoes…
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