Lesson 57 – New Year’s Eve

I woke up one day and there was a lynx in front of me…

Conversation LVII

I never thought I would be able to write this lesson, since I was killed in Iaşi.

Nonetheless, I woke up one day and it was 2016 all over again. Thank you, whoever brought me back to life. I vowed one thing to myself, this time I am staying in Cluj. That way I will not get killed by that guy…you know who you are.

What would YOU change if you could go back in time?


Guy 1: Horse sound representing exasperation.

Sergiu:  Ce-ai face dacă te-ai trezi de revelion c-ar fi tot 2016 din nou?

What would you do if you woke up on New Year's Eve and it would be 2016 again?

Girl: Păi, la fel. M-aş comporta la fel ca şi cum ar fi acelaşi lucru...N-aş... (Guy 2: Ce?)

Well, the same. I would act the same as if it were the same thing...I wouldn't...(What?)

Girl: Ce-ai face dacă ar fi 2016 la fel? (Ce?) Te-ai trezi că-i tot 2016 de revelion, nu-i 2017. N-o trecut un an, ce-ai schimba? (Da n-am înţeles, ce?). Ce-ai schimba, măi?

What would you do if it were 2016 the same? (What?) You would wake up that it's still 2016 on New Year's Eve, it's not 2017. A year didn't pass, what would you change? (But I didn't understand, what?). What would you change, man?

Guy 2: ...Dachau.

Sergiu: Ceva cu Dachau, lagăr de concentrare, aşa-i?

Something with Dachau, concentration camp, right?

Girl: Da, o vorbit, o vorbit aiurea. Dar cred că m-aş comporta la fel, nu ştiu. N-aş schimba...adică e ca şi cum m-aş întoarce în timp, nu? Asta...

Yeah, he talked, he talked nonesense. But I think I would act the same, I don't know. I wouldn't change...I mean it's like I would go back in time, no? That...

Guy 2: Şi aş vrea ca Moş Crăciun să fie albastru, nu roşu.

And I would want Santa Claus to be blue, not red.

Girl: Dacă m-aş întoarce în timp, n-aş face nimic.

If I went back in time, I wouldn't do anything.

Guy 2: De fapt aş vrea să nu mai existe Moş Crăciun pentru că n-aduce nimic bun.

Actually, I wish Santa Claus wouldn't exist anymore because he doesn't bring anything good.

Sergiu: Eu aş vrea să FIU Moş Crăciun.

I would like to BE Santa Claus.

Girl: Da, e nemulţumit, n-o primit ce vroia. Na zi tu Horia.

Yeah, he's unsatisfied, he didn't get what he wanted. Well you say Horia.

Guy 1 (Horia): Păi ar fi irelevant, din cauză că 2016 e doar un număr până la urmă şi mi-aş continua viaţa, ar fi absolut normal, pentru ca 2016 sau 2017 să ducă înapoi în timp, cum ar veni?

Well, it would be irrelevant, because 2016 is just a number in the end and I would go on with my life, it would be absolutely normal, for 2016 or 2017 to take you back in time, you say?

Sergiu: Da, exact.

Yes, exactly.

Horia: A, să repari ceea ce ai vrea să...ce-ai greşit. Nu, aş relua cursul aşa cum a fost până acuma. N-aş schimba...

Ah, to repair what you would like to...what you did wrong. No, I would retake the course as it was until now. I wouldn't change...

Sergiu: Nu regreţi nimic, aşa-i? Na, păi nu regretăm nimeni nimic pe-aicia.

You don't regret anything, right? Well, nobody regrets anything around here.

Horia: Nu.

Girl: Da.

Sergiu: Foarte fain. Mersi. Ciao.

Horia: Cu plăcere.

Girl: Ciao!

Grammar LVII

This lesson contains a lot of words connected with the “-” symbol. So I will mention these words and explain why we decided to excessively use this little line (“-“…there, I used it again).

Ce-ai is written like this to show that we pronounce it just like the word ceai meaning “tea”. Pe-aici(a) goes by the same rule, Romanians find it easy to pronounce final e along with beginning a of the next word as the ea in ceai.

Te-ai belongs to the following series: m-aș, te-ai, s-ar, ne-am, v-ați. If you remember some of the grammar you learned in lesson 28 you will remember how to say “I would go”. This is a step further where you need to learn how to say “I would wash myself” and of course express actions that you or others would to yourselves/themselves.

Aș spăla

I would wash.

M-aș spăla

I would wash myself.

common to shorten the word nu when it’s followed by a vowel.

Just replace m-aș with any words from the series to switch the person doing the action to themselves.

C-ar (pronounced like the vehicle) is an improvement to că ar.

Ăa just doesn’t sound so good in Romanian so we would rather cut the ă sound out.

N-aș (not to be confused with naș – godfather) means nu aș. It can be common to shorten the word nu when it’s followed by a vowel.

Că-i, așa-i and nu-i instead of că e, așa e and nu e. Not really clean Romanian but recommended if you want to speed up your speech.

Vocabulary LVII

Revelion (n.) – New Year’s Eve (Pl. Revelioane)

A se comporta – To behave

Același, aceeași, aceiași, aceleași – The same

Lagăr de concentrare (n.) – Concentration camp (Pl. Lagăre de concentrare)

Moș Crăciun – Santa Claus

Moș (m.) – Geezer (Pl. Moși)

Crăciun (n.) – Christmas (Pl. Crăciunuri)

De fapt – Actually

A aduce – To bring

Mulțumit – Satisfied

Nemulțumit – Unsatisfied

A primi – To receive

Irelevant – Irrelevant

Din cauză că – Because

Până la urmă – Eventually

A continua – To continue

Pentru ca – So that

A duce înapoi – To take back

Cum ar veni – As it were

Exact – Exactly

A repara – To repair, to fix

A greși – To be wrong, to do something wrong

A relua – To continue

Curs (n.) – Course (Pl. Cursuri)

A regreta – To regret

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