Lesson 61 – Swearwords

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It’s 2017 and I’m back in Heaven (killed again, this time by some Dragnea fanatics), the only way to go back to Cluj is to swear and take down some angels with me by making them swear too. If you don’t see any more lessons, that means I’m still in Heaven.

Conversation LXI

What follows is a transcription of the above video.

Sergiu: Înjurătură, orice fel de înjurături, ce-ţi vine în minte şi gândeşte-te la, poţi să te gândeşti ori la ploaia asta ori la Dragnea în timp ce le zici.

Swearword, any kind of swearwords, whatever comes to your mind and think of, you can think of either this rain or Dragnea while you say them.

Girl: Ah, ok. Pot?

Ah, ok. May I?

Sergiu: Da.

Girl: Muie Dragnea, e ok?

Sperm to Dragnea, is that ok?

Sergiu: Ok, e ok.

Ok, it’s OK

Girl AND Sergiu: Super.

Here there are a lot of English that you can understand, the Romanian words you will find in the video, if you click on the picture above.

Girl 2: Bag pula-n ea ploaie!

I will fuck this rain!

Girl 3: Du-te-n pula mă-tii?

Go inside your mother’s dick?

Sergiu: Mama, mama are pulă? Iooahahai. Asta n-am mai…n-am auzit-o până acuma.

Mother, mother has a dick? OMG. This I’ve never…I’ve never heard it before.

Girl 3: Atunci du-te-n pizda mă-tii.

Then go fuck yourself. (I can’t tell if she cursed me here or she tried a new line, I choose the latter)

Sergiu: Asta da, asta mai merge, dar cred că amândouă ar fi bune până la urmă, să fie, ştii, pot fi şi creative până la urmă, poţi să amesteci o grămadă de cuvinte într-o înjurătură. Şi-n maghiară?

This is better, this is better, but I think both would be good in the end, to be , you know, they can be creative in the end, you can mix a lot of words in a swearing. And in Hungarian?

Girl 3: Baszd meg!

Girl 4: Stai numa un pic. Pizda mă-tii.

Wait just a second. Your mother’s pussy.

Sergiu: Perfect.

All the girls thanked me in the end, because I set them free and allowed them to swear. Remember, no matter how much of a lady you are, you can still go wild sometimes (wink, wink)

Now I’m back on Earth.

Vocabulary LXI

Înjurătură (f.) – Swearword (Pl. Înjurături)

Orice fel de – Any kind of

A-i veni în minte – To come to mind

Ori la…ori la… – Either at…or at

În timp ce – While

Muie (f.) – Sperm (Pl. Mui)

A băga – To shove

Pulă (f.) – Dick (Pl. Pule)

Mă-ta – Your mother

Mă-tii – Your mother’s

Pizdă (f.) – Pussy (Pl. Pizde)

Creativ – Creative

A amesteca – To mix

Grămadă (f.) – Pile (Pl. Grămezi)




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