Lesson 61 – How to ask a girl out


Please ask me out! Ok girl. Wait, I need to learn more Romanian, oh nooo!!

Text LXI

It’s finally 2017! It’s summer and only now do I wake up and finally make a new lesson.

This lesson is based on a recording for somebody special from Reddit. Below you may see the Romanian sentences written down so you may more easily pronounce them.


Îmi pari drăguță, nu vrei să ieșim la un suc sau la o plimbare să ne cunoaștem mai bine?

You look cute (to me), don’t you want to go out for a soda or take a walk and get to know each other better?

Mâine am puțin timp liber, vrei să ieșim la o cafea?

Tomorrow I’ve got a little spare time, do you want to go out for a coffee?

Ce faci? Hai* în oraș azi!

What’s up, come (let’s go*) downtown today!

“Hai” can imply “hai să mergem” (let’s go), depending on personal interpretation, it doesn’t just show a command.

Sâmbătă am de gând să ies în oraș, dacă vrei te iau cu mine/vrei să vii?

Saturday I want to go downtown, if you want I’ll take you with me/do you want to come?

Vocabulary LXI

Gând (n.) – Thought (Pl. Gânduri)

A avea de gând – A vrea – To want

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  1. Sorry, you should be about promoting the good and wholesomeness of Romania, not advertising yourself as a service through which sleazy foreign sex-tourists can facilitate their actions. I am leaving this page.

    1. A l , imbecile qui a ecrit ce commentaire..ou as tu vu le mot sexe dans ce texte ?Franchement ce n est vraiment pas ta place ici!!Tu devrais plutot aller faire un tour a la salle du royaume des temoins de jehovah et y rester pour de bon et farmer ta gueule!!

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