Lesson 63 – Science

I love Chemistry and Science, especially when it’s dark and I can perform experiments like a psychopath.

Home Conversation LXIII

I was having a fun time with Kati after giving up on a programming bootcamp. From this lesson forward you won’t hear or see me “ask people on the street awkward questions” anymore. I vowed to make more serious lessons since lesson 62.

Sergiu: Se pot prezice eclipsele solare?

Can one predict solar eclipses?

Kati: Nu știu, că n-am încercat…Nu pot noa, fă încă o data.

I don’t know because I didn’t try…I can’t, do it one more time.

Sergiu: Se pot prezice eclipsele solare?

Kati: Nu știu, că n-am încercat niciodată să prezic vreuna.

I don’t know because I never tried to predict one.

Sergiu: E adevărat că tot ce se vede în univers e alcătuit din patru elemente, apă, foc, aer și pământ?

Is it true that everything one sees in the Universe is made out of four elements, water, fire, air and earth?

Kati: Din trei elemente sigur e format, nu sunt sigură dacă și din aer.

It is certainly formed by three elements, I am not sure if also from air.

Sergiu: De ce?

Kati: Păi, (în) Univers e….?

Well, in the Universe there is…? (She was supposed to say something dumb like in the Universe there is only void. This whole lesson is inaccurate ON PURPOSE…so stop hating.)

Sergiu: Vidul.*

The void.*

*This lesson is made prior to our trip to China, so THAT’s why the audio sucks and Kati was laughing so much. We didn’t care anymore at this point. The VOID.

Vocabulary LXIII

A prezice – To predict

Eclipsă (f.) – Eclipse (Pl. Eclipse)

Solar – Solar

Încă o dată – One more time

Vreun – One (synonym to un…it behaves the same: you can say vreunul and vreuna just as you can say unul and una)

Univers (n.) – Universe (Pl. Universuri)

A alcătui – A forma – To form

Element (n.) – Element (Pl. Elemente)

Foc (n.) – Fire (Pl. Focuri) Don’t ever say două foci for two fires LMAO (I am going to make a video on why you should never pluralize the word fire in Romanian, if you are not an advanced learner)

Aer (n.) – Air (Pl. Aere)

Pământ (n.) – Earth (Pl. Pământuri)

Sigur – Sure, Certainly (Cu siguranță)

Vid – Void

Fizică – Physics

Chimie – Chemistry

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