Lesson 65 – Music 2


Text LXV

Ok, so I don’t really believe that language is music. But I do believe that music is science. Today I recorded a short text, lyrics to a song by Vunk for a friend of mine from Sweden.

Patru roți, nicio frână. Drumul ăsta nu se mai amână. Fără hartă fără traseu, mă-ntorc la cine sunt eu. Patru ochi, nicio privire. Este iubire sau este orbire? Punem sufletelor ochelari. Fericirile să fie mai mari. Cu pieptul în vânt, suntem toți o apă și-un pământ.

Four wheels, no brakes. This road doesn’t get postponed anymore. No map, no route, I am going back to who I am. Four eyes, no glance. Is it love or is it blindness? We put glasses on souls, (for) the happinesses to be bigger. With the chest in the wind, we are all one (water and one ground).

Your homework is to descipher the rest of the lyrics. It’s ok if you can’t do it, just try.

In the meanwhile, I will present to you the world of music, Romanian music.

Click on the link above and you can listen to music all day long and learn Romanian faster with it.

Here’s something random for you…666 views and 13 likes…Coincidence?

Vocabulary LXV

Roată (f.) – Wheel  (Pl. Roţi)

Frână (f.) – Brake (Pl. Frâne)

Drum (n.) – Road (Pl. Drumuri)

A amâna – To delay

Hartă (f.) – Map (Pl. Hărți)

Traseu (n.) – Route (Pl. Trasee)

A privi – To look

Privire (f.) – Glance (Pl. Priviri)

Orbire (f.) – Blindness (Pl. Orbiri)

Ochelari (m.) – Glasses

Fericire (f.) – Happiness (Pl. Fericiri)

Piept (n.) – Chest (Pl. Piepturi)

Vânt (n.) – Wind (Pl. Vânturi)

Melodie (f.) – Melody (Pl. Melodii)

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