Lesson 7 – Feelings

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Haha, scared you good with this picture!


Street Conversation VII

This conversation was actually really good, so I decided to teach you more words than usual today.


Sergiu: Cum te simţi azi?

How are you feeling today?

Market girl: Mă simt foarte bine. Pe dimineaţă mi-o* înflorit floricica care ieri încă nu avea floare, deci o început super fain şi pe lângă asta că mă duc la repetiţie.

I feel very good. This morning the little flower that yesterday didn’t have any flower yet blossomed, so it started super beautifully, and other than this because I’m going to rehearsal.

*O is the regional version of ‘a’ (auxilliary used to form the past tense).

Grammar VII


Today we will say we are hungry/thirsty.

To say you’re hungry or thirsty, you will have to use the stuff you learnt in lesson 4. Please go back there if you forgot what it was about.

Here is the formula of hunger and thirst:

îmi, îți, îi, ne, vă, le + e/este + foame/sete (foame means hunger while sete means thirst)

Example: Le e foame – They’re hungry.


You should use Mi-e foame, ţi-e foame, i-e foame, ne e foame, vă e foame, le e foame (I’m hungry, you’re hungry, he’s hungry) if you really want to sound native.

In the Transylvanian dialect we use i instead of e and este in the above structures, so this is the Transylvanian sequence: mi-i foame, ţi-i foame, i-i foame, n-i foame, v-i foame, l-i foame. We never say “îmi/îți/îi/ne/vă/le i foame”.

You can use all of the above principles to say you’re scared. Ți-e frică? (Are you scared?)


Today we will see one exception to what we learnt in lesson 4. Adjectives ending in -d and -t have the termination -zi and respectively -ți in the masculine plural form. Check out the examples in the key vocabulary below (obosit and flămând).

Dialogue VII


Sergiu: Cum ești azi?

How are you today?

Daniela: Foarte bine. Tu?

Very good. You?

Sergiu: Așa și așa. Azi sunt foarte obosit.

So so. I’m very tired today.

Daniela: Serios? De ce?

Really? Why?

Sergiu: Pentru că sunt foarte ocupat.

Because I’m very busy.

Key Vocabulary VII


A se simţi – To feel

Pe – On

A înflori – To blossom

Floare – Flower

Floricică – Little flower

Azi – Today

Ieri – Yesterday

A avea – To have

Care – Which

Încă – Yet

Deci – So

Pe lângă asta – Other than this

A începe – To start

Repetiţie – Rehearsal

Așa – So

Și – And

Foarte – Very

Obosit – Tired (F. Obosită, M.Pl. Obosiți, F.Pl. Obosite)

Serios – Really

De ce? – Why?

Că – Because

Pentru că – Because

Somnoros – Sleepy (Fem. Sg. Somnoroasă)  ( Masc. Pl. Somnoroși )  (Fem. Pl. Somnoroase)

Flămând – Hungry (F. Flămândă, M.Pl. Flămânzi, F.Pl. Flămânde )

Confortabil – Comfortable (F. Confortabilă, M.Pl. Confortabili, F.Pl. Confortabile)

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