Lesson 9 – Languages

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This is how learning Romanian feels like.

Street Conversation IX

Since my favorite topic came along, I decided to brag about the languages I can speak.


Sergiu: Ce limbi vorbeşti?

What languages do you speak?

Girl: Engleză, spaniolă şi franceză.

English, Spanish and French.

Sergiu: Eu vorbesc română, engleză şi suedeză.

I speak Romanian, English and Swedish.

Grammar IX


Today we will learn the verbs to speak and to listen. Listening and speaking are two important elements to learning a language along with writing and reading.

VorbescI speak
VorbeștiYou speak
VorbeșteHe, she speaks
VorbimWe speak
VorbițiYou speak
VorbescThey speak


AscultI listen
AsculțiYou listen
AscultăHe, she listens
AscultămWe listen
AscultațiYou listen
AscultăThey listen

Dialogue IX


Sergiu: Vorbești română?

Do you speak Romanian?

Daniela: Vorbesc puțin. Tu vorbești engleză?

I speak a little. Do you speak English?

Sergiu: Engleză? Nu o vorbesc.

English? I don’t speak it.

As you already know „o” means her, we use her here because a language is feminine.

Key vocabulary IX


Română – Romanian language

Engleză – English language

Franceză – French language

Spaniolă – Spanish language

Suedeză – Swedish language

Puțin – A little

Mult – A lot

Limbă – Language

Limbă străină – Foreign language

Limbă nativă – Native language

A scrie – To write

A citi – To read

These last verbs are to be conjugated in the next lessons!

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