Here are some useful links besides this website to enhance your listening and reading skills. Let us know if you need more resources in the comments below.

Surface Languages


Romanian music

Documentaries in Romanian

Guide for Spanish speakers

Cool blog

Online Romanian books

Adding diacritics

The Romanian Alphabet

Romanian television

Romanian Radio Stations Online

Flashcard word games

Grammatical word gender quizzes

Verb Conjugation Help

Romanian children’s movies


Where words come from

Online Romanian Dictionaries

Omniglot section on Romanian

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4 thoughts on “Resources”

  1. You might also want to include eBay to your list of links, because, for anybody out there who’s interested, if you’re looking for hard-to-find Romanian items, or you want to connect with your heritage just by collecting, or if you’re not Romanian, but just blown away by all the vibrant folk art in all its splendor and glory, music, whatever, then eBay is THE place to be. Don’t hesitate checking it out 🙂

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