Lesson 11 – Presentation

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I present to you..the “happiest” person on Earth.


Grammar XI



A scrie and a citi, two verbs promised to be conjugated in Lesson 9. Today is the day we will see them.

A scrie (to write)

Scriu I write
Scrii You write
Scrie He, she writes
Scriem We write
Scrieți You write
Scriu They write

A citi (to read)

Citesc I read
Citești You read
Citește He, she reads
Citim We read
Citiți You read
Citesc They read

Monologue XI

Here I am talking to myself about Mr. Lazăr. I say I’m at home in the recording, but I’m the one who’s actually at work.


Sergiu: Domnul Lazăr nu e american. E român și nu vorbește engleză, dar o înțelege. E la birou azi și e foarte ocupat. Eu sunt acasă și nu sunt ocupat.

Mr. Lazăr is not American. He is Romanian and doesn’t speak English, but understands it. He’s at the office today and is very busy. I’m at home and I’m not busy.

Key Vocabulary XI


La birou – At the office

La birouri – At the offices. (Birou is a neuter noun)

Acasă – Home

Coleg (m.) – Colleague (Pl. Colegi)

Colegă (f.) – Female colleague (Pl. Colege)

Companie (f.) – Company (Pl. Companii)

Firmă (f.) – Firm (Pl. Firme)

A merge/a se duce la servici – To go to work

Concediu (n.) – Holiday for employees (Pl. Concedii)

Vacanță (f.) – Holiday for students (Pl. Vacanțe)

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