Lesson 13 – Food

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No, thanks. Just give’em to me cooked!

Street Conversation XIII

Right before going home, I asked someone what she wants to eat, and then I bought the food, cooked it for her and returned to the same street. Needless to say, she was gone.

Sergiu: Ce vreţi să mâncaţi?

What do you want to eat?

Girl: Mâncare mexicană.

Mexican food.

Sergiu: Ok. Aşteptaţi un moment.

Ok. Wait one moment.

Grammar XIII


We know that mâncare means “food”, the word actually comes from a mânca which means “to eat”. We will have a look at this one today and then we will also conjugate the word “to wait”, a aștepta, since you’ll have to wait until your mâncarea (the food) is cooked.

Mănânc I eat
Mănânci You eat
Mănâncă He, she eats
Mâncăm We eat
Mâncați You eat
Mănâncă They eat
Aștept I wait
Aștepți You wait
Așteaptă He, she waits
Așteptăm We wait
Așteptați You wait
Așteaptă They wait

Dialogue XIII

Sergiu: Ce vreți să mâncați?

What do you want to eat?

Daniela: Vreau să mănânc ciuperci.

I want to eat mushrooms.

Sergiu: Ok, așteptați un moment.

Ok, wait a moment.

Daniela: Mulțumesc.

Thank you.

Key Vocabulary XIII

Ciupercă (f.) – Mushroom (Pl. Ciuperci)

Moment (n.) – Moment (Pl. Momente)

Pară (f.) – Pear (Pl. Pere)

Unt (n.) – Butter (Pl. Unturi)

Salată (f.) – Salad (Pl. Salate)

Ciorbă (f.) – Stew (Pl. Ciorbe)

Cereală (f.) – Cereal (Pl. Cereale)

Zahăr (n.)  – Sugar

Miere (f.) – Honey

Cartof (m.) – Potato (Pl. Cartofi)

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