Lesson 13 – Food

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No, thanks. Just give’em to me cooked!

Street Conversation XIII

Right before going home, I asked someone what she wants to eat, and then I bought the food, cooked it for her and returned to the same street. Needless to say, she was gone.

Sergiu: Ce vreţi să mâncaţi?

What do you want to eat?

Girl: Mâncare mexicană.

Mexican food.

Sergiu: Ok. Aşteptaţi un moment.

Ok. Wait one moment.

Grammar XIII


We know that mâncare means “food”, the word actually comes from a mânca which means “to eat”. We will have a look at this one today and then we will also conjugate the word “to wait”, a aștepta, since you’ll have to wait until your mâncarea (the food) is cooked.

MănâncI eat
MănânciYou eat
MănâncăHe, she eats
MâncămWe eat
MâncațiYou eat
MănâncăThey eat
AșteptI wait
AștepțiYou wait
AșteaptăHe, she waits
AșteptămWe wait
AșteptațiYou wait
AșteaptăThey wait

Dialogue XIII

Sergiu: Ce vreți să mâncați?

What do you want to eat?

Daniela: Vreau să mănânc ciuperci.

I want to eat mushrooms.

Sergiu: Ok, așteptați un moment.

Ok, wait a moment.

Daniela: Mulțumesc.

Thank you.

Key Vocabulary XIII

Ciupercă (f.) – Mushroom (Pl. Ciuperci)

Moment (n.) – Moment (Pl. Momente)

Pară (f.) – Pear (Pl. Pere)

Unt (n.) – Butter (Pl. Unturi)

Salată (f.) – Salad (Pl. Salate)

Ciorbă (f.) – Stew (Pl. Ciorbe)

Cereală (f.) – Cereal (Pl. Cereale)

Zahăr (n.)  – Sugar

Miere (f.) – Honey

Cartof (m.) – Potato (Pl. Cartofi)

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