Lesson 14 – Eating

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Street Conversation XIV

I asked a girl to pretend she was eating something, otherwise I couldn’t have done this lesson!

Sergiu: Ce mănânci?

What are you eating?

Girl: Spanac.


Sergiu: Cum e?

How is it?

Girl: Bun, foarte bun. Un pic sărat.

Good, very good. A little salty.

Grammar XIV


We know how to say “to eat” in Romanian, now let’s look at the verbs “to taste” and “to drink”.

Gust I taste
Guști You taste
Gustă He, she tastes
Gustăm We taste
Gustați You taste
Gustă They taste
Beau I drink
Bei You drink
Bea He, she drinks
Bem We drink
Beți You drink
Beau They drink

Dialogue XIV

Sergiu: Ce mănânci?

What are you eating?

Daniela: Mănânc fructe.

I’m eating fruits.

Sergiu: Sunt bune?

Are they good?

Daniela: Da, sunt delicioase.

Yes, they’re delicious.

Key vocabulary XIV

Sărat – Salty

Dulce – Sweet (F.Sg. Dulce, M.Pl. Dulci, F.Pl. Dulci)

Amar – Bitter

Acru – Sour

Un pic – A little

Fruct (n.) – Fruit (Pl. Fructe)

Spanac – Spinach

Delicios – Delicious (F.Sg. Delicioasă, M.Pl. Delicioși, F.Pl. Delicioase)

Gust (n.) – Taste (Pl. Gusturi)

Măr (n.) – Apple (Pl. Mere)

Pâine (f.) – Bread (Pl. Pâini)

Legumă (f.) – Vegetable (Pl. Legume)

Morcov (m.) – Carrot (Pl. Morcovi)

Ou (n.) – Egg (Pl. Ouă)

Carne (f.) – Meat (Pl. Cărnuri)

Apă (f.) – Water

Lapte (n.) – Milk (Pl. Lăpturi)

Suc (n.) – Juice (Pl. Sucuri)

Supă (f.) – Soup (Pl. Supe)

Sare (f.) – Salt (Pl. Săruri)

Piper (m.) – Pepper (Pl. Piperi)

Bere (f.) – Beer (Pl. Beri)

Băutură (f.) – Drink (Pl. Băuturi)

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