Lesson 16 – Days, numbers and months

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This guy really finds numbers relaxing 🙂

This week I’m taking a day off from harassing people on the streets and focusing on the boring stuff (see title).


Zi (f.) – Day (Pl. Zile)

Săptămână (f.) – Week (Pl. Săptămâni)

Luni Monday
Marți Tuesday
Miercuri Wednesday
Joi Thursday
Vineri Friday
Sâmbătă Saturday
Duminica Sunday

Numbers from 1 to 12 are unu, doi, trei, patru, cinci, șase, șapte, opt, nouă, zece, unsprezece, doisprezece.

The indefinite article is actually just a variation on the number “one”: unu.

In English the indefinite article is “a/an”. We use un (from unu) or o for this.

So if you want to say “A woman” you have to say O femeie and not un femeie.

For masculine and neuter nouns Un works perfectly all the time.

Doi has the feminine counterpart două. Doi oameni means “two people”, however you must say două femei for “two women”.

Let’s take a neuter noun as an example.

Un balcon – Două balcoane

A/One balcony – Two balconies

The word balcony is not feminine, it is neuter but as you should remember, neuter means: “masculine in the singular and feminine in the plural”.

Doisprezece also has a feminine form: douăsprezece when counting nouns that are feminine in the plural form.

Lună (f.) – Month (Pl. Luni)

An (m.) – Year (Pl. Ani)

Ianuarie January
Februarie February
Martie March
Aprilie April
Mai May
Iunie June
Iulie July
August August
Septembrie September
Octombrie October
Noiembrie November
Decembrie December

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