Lesson 19 – Colors

learn romanian colors
The Romanian colors are blue, yellow and reeeed(said seductively)

I wanted to make this lesson the best one yet, but it’s just a list of colors. Nothing to see here…


Culoare (f.) – Color (Pl. Culori)

Negru – Black (F.Sg. Neagră, M.Pl. Negri, F.Pl. Negre)

Roșu – Red (F.Sg. Roșie, M.Pl. Roșii, F.Pl. Roșii)

Galben – Yellow

Albastru – Blue (F.Sg. – Albastră, M.Pl. Albaștri, F.Pl. Albastre)

Verde – Green (F.Pl. Verde, M.Pl/ Verzi, F.Pl. Verzi)

Alb – White

Maro – Brown (No change in this adjective)

Gri – Gray (No change in this adjective)

Auriu – Golden (F.Sg. Aurie, M.Pl. Aurii, F.Pl. Aurii)

Argintiu – Silver (F.Sg. Argintie, M.Pl. Argintii, F.Pl. Argintii)

Roz – Pink

Portocaliu – Orange (F.Sg. Portocalie, M.Pl. Portocalii, F.Pl. Portocalii)


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