Lesson 30 – Body parts & occupations

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This is how some of the girls at my office dress. Only in Romania.

Street Conversation XXX

This lesson was actually ridiculously hard for me to do. It was RIDICULOUSLY hard.


Sergiu: Cu ce te ocupi?

What do you do?

Girl: Sunt studentă la facultatea de business.

I’m a student at the business college.

Sergiu: Eu sunt ginecolog. Vrei să fii pacienta mea?

I’m a ginecologist. Do you want to be my patient?

Girl: Cum îți permiți, nesimțitule?

How dare you, asshole?

Nesimțitule is a noun in the vocative case, type “vocative” in the search bar to find the lesson on this case, you need to know this case in order to call people names.

Grammar XXX


Below you will find the past tense form of the verbs we learned in the last lessons:

LăsatLeft, let
ÎntârziatWas late


We have come to an end regarding plural of nouns: The following examples are going to show you how to form  theplural from nouns ending in -i and -u. The rule will be easy to see.

Membru (m.)Membri
Lucru (n.) – ThingLucruri – Stuff
Indiciu (n.) – ClueIndicii
Călău (m.) – ExecutionerCălăi
Unchi (m.)Unchi

Conclusion? Rules are meant to be broken. Just keep reading our lessons and learning the plural of each noun you see and you’ll be just fine when it comes to speaking.

Dialogue XXX


Sergiu: Cu ce te ocupi?

What’s your job? (literally, “what do you occupy yourself with?)”

Daniela: Sunt avocată. Tu?

I’m a lawyer. You?

Sergiu: Sunt jurnalist. Pot să îți pun niște întrebări?

I’m a journalist. Can I ask you some questions?

Daniela: Scuze, acum nu pot. Pa!

Sorry, I can’t now. Bye!

Key vocabulary XXX


Facultate (f.) – College (Pl. Facultăți)

A se ocupa – To occupy oneself

Ginecolog (m.) – Ginecologist (Pl. Ginecologi)

Pacient (m.) – Patient (Pl. Pacienți)

Pacientă (f.) – Patient (Pl. Paciente)

A își permite – To afford, to dare

Nesimțit – Asshole

Avocat (m.) – Lawyer (Pl. Avocați)

Jurnalist (m.) – Journalist (Pl. Jurnaliști)

Programator (m.) – Programmer (Pl. Programatori)

Profesor (m.) – Teacher (Pl. Profesori)

Doctor (m.) – Doctor (Pl. Doctori)

Pacient (m.) – Patient (Pl. Pacienți)

Întrebare (f.) – Question (Pl. Întrebări)

Cap (n.) – Head (Pl. Capete)

Corp (n.) – Body (Pl. Corpuri)

Mână (f.) –  Hand (Pl. Mâini)

Picior (n.) – Foot (Pl. Picioare)

Gură (f.) – Mouth (Pl. Guri)

Ochi (m.) – Eye (Pl. Ochi)

Ureche (f.) – Ear (Pl. Urechi)

Nas (n.) – Nose (Pl. Nasuri)

Gât (n.) – Throat (Pl. Gâturi)

Sân (m.) – Breast (Pl. Sâni)

Fund (n.) – Ass (Pl. Funduri)

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7 thoughts on “Lesson 30 – Body parts & occupations”

  1. This is relating to the first dialoague. Why is the sentence vrei să fii pacienta mea? I am not sure which verb of to be are you using because there should be a verb conjugation relating to the tu form of the senetence. I thought it be vrei să ești pacienta mea?

    1. Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/customer/www/simpleromanian.com/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-user-avatar/includes/class-wp-user-avatar-functions.php on line 479
      simplero says:

      We use the conjunctive form of the verb which is:
      Să fiu, fii, fie, fim, fiți, fie
      You never put the normal present tense after să.

      1. I always view fii as “to be” but not as “am” or “are”
        Vei fi (you will be)
        Vrei sa fii (you want to be)
        Rather than vrei sa esti (you want to are)

  2. I recently found out that I’ve been using the wrong plural possession form of ears. I’ve been saying urechii mei, but apparently it’s urechiile mele, I was wondering why? Is ear neuter? It seems masculine singular and plural, but feminine when added to possession?

    1. The plural definite form is “urechile (mele)” Ureche is feminine just like femeie (both nouns end in -e and both are also similar in the plural form “urechi” vs “femei”).

  3. bună dimineața dragă echipă…nusunt sigură dacă am dreptate dar cred că..trecut se trduce că (passed) în engleză)!! De exemplu…( Sunt obosită pentru că săptămână trecută am lucrat prea mult..am nevoie să mă odhinesc acum!!!am o alte întrebăre …Sțiu că putem să zicem…(sunt ziarist)…Ce este mai bine să zice (sunt jurnalist sau sunt ziarist) ?

    1. Bună dimineața,

      Noi am învățat “a trece” cu sensul de “to cross”. “Trecut” mai înseamnă “past tense” sau “last/passed”, deci “săptămâna trecută” se traduce “last week”.
      “Jurnalist” și “ziarist” sunt sinonime. Sunt la fel de bune ambele cuvinte.

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