Lesson 35 – Compliments

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In Romania we pickup women like it’s a sport.

Street Conversation XXXV

The conversation below (and similar ones) actually made me get back together with my girlfriend.

Sergiu: Poți te rog să nu mai fii chiar atât de adorabilă?

Can you please stop being so adorable?

Girl: Depinde de împrejurări.

It depends on the circumstances.

Sergiu: Ești liberă azi?

Are you free today?

Girl: Nu.


Sergiu: Atuncea când vrei să ne vedem?

Then when do you want us to see each other?

Girl: Ăăăă…poate în altă viață?

Uhm…maybe in another life?

Sergiu: Ne vedem azi atunci la ora 18 la Subway?

See you today then at 18 o’clock at Subway?

Girl: Păi nu știu dacă coincide cu cealaltă viață.

Well I don’t know if it coincides with the other life.

Grammar XXXV

Today’s grammar lesson will be as easy as watching Netflix and chillin’.

As usual, two more verbs are going to be completely lined up before you. Today, the line-up consists of the verbs a muri (to die) and a prinde (to catch).

Mor, mori, moare, murim, muriți, mor

Prind, prinzi, prinde, prindem, prindeți, prind

To use them in context let’s take a look at the below sentences:

Sunt bolnav și voi muri în curând.

I’m sick and I’ll die soon.

Te voi prinde în cele din urmă.

I’ll catch you eventually.

It’s also time to finally look at the future tense. Maybe you noticed that the verb is in its dictionary  form in the sentences we used as examples. So there is a simple formula to accomplish setting actions in the future and that is:

Voi, vei, va, vom, veți, vor + Infinitive


Voi merge, vei întârzia, va plăti, vom arăta, vă veți ocupa, vor putea.

I will go, you will be late, he will pay, we will show, you will handle, they will be able to.

Remember lesson 4 where you learned how to conjugate the verb to like? There is still much to learn about this verb.

You can say ne place berea (we like beer), but you can’t say ne place berile (we like beers).

When you are talking about more objects you have to use plac. I didn’t want to burden you with this since you didn’t even know how to pluralize nouns, but since you’ve gotten pretty good at it, you should know the difference between place and plac.

Dialogue XXXV

Sergiu: Ești foarte frumoasă azi.

You’re very beautiful today.

Kati: Mulțumesc!

Thank you.

Sergiu: Vrei să ne vedem azi dacă nu ești ocupată?

Do you want to meet up today if you’re not busy?

Kati: Sigur, îți dau numărul meu. Sună-mă și mai vorbim.

Sure, I’ll give you my number. Call me and we’ll talk some more.

Sergiu: Bine, Subway ți-e ok?

Fine, is Subway OK for you?

Kati: Daaa, îmi plac sandvișurile lor. Sunt deosebite.

Yeees, I like their sandwiches. They’re special.

Bonus word XXXV

Treabă (f.) – Job (Pl. Treburi)

Bună treabă! Ești de treabă!!!

Good job! You’re nice!!!

Key Vocabulary XXXV

Adorabil – Adorable

Drăguț – Cute

Elegant – Elegant

Distins – Distinguished

Suplu – Supple

A depinde – To depend

Împrejurare (f.) – Circumstance (Pl. Împrejurări)

Alt – Another (Altă, alți, alte)

Celălalt – The other (Cealaltă, Ceilalți, Celelalte)

Viață (f.) – Life (Pl. Vieți)

A coincide cu – To coincide with

Bolnav – Sick

În curând – Soon

În cele din urmă – Eventually

A suna – To call

Sandviș (n.) – Sandwich (Pl. Sandvișuri)

Deosebit – Special

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