Lesson 39 – Seduction

Romanian girls
Penthouse in Cluj-Napoca near my house.

Seduction XXXIX

Welcome to the first seduction segment of Simple Romanian! As a prize that you already know somewhere up to 600 Romanian words, you will use your current skills to get the Romanian woman of your dreams. Here’s to another 600 words!

This is Sebi’s story.  Everyday he says to himself:


Tomorrow I’m going up to the girl that I really like, I’ll introduce myself to her and ask her out.

Mâine mă duc la fata care chiar îmi place, mă prezint și o invit în oraș.

But then his brain started to find more and more excuses everyday. The most frequent  excuses being:

It doesn’t matter anyway because she isn’t so hot.

Nu contează oricum că nu e chiar așa bună.

She’s mad today, so I’ll do it tomorrow.

E nervoasă azi, așa că o fac mâine.

I think she knows my mother and then it’ll be embarrassing.

Cred că o cunoaște pe mama și atunci va fi jenant.

I have a bad hair-day today.

Părul meu are o zi proastă.

I’m going to get laughed at.

Va râde lumea de mine.

But suddenly….Sergiu comes and shows him how to hook up with women  on the street…

Street Conversation XXXIX


Sergiu: Păreai foarte interesantă și m-am gândit să te salut.

You seemed very interesting and I thought I’d say hi. (I used a tense I will be explaining in the next lesson)

Girl: Salut.


Sergiu: Ce mai faci?

How are you?

Girl: Bine, stau.

Fine, sitting.

Sergiu: Și mie îmi place să stau, hai să stăm împreună la o cafenea.

I like to sit too, let’s go sit together at a coffee shop.

Girl: Ok.

Grammar XXXIX

Screaming and crying are two verbs you will definitely need to know when you have to break up with all of your lovers.

Here they are. A striga (to scream)  and A plânge (To cry)

Strig, strigi, strigă, strigăm, strigați, strigă

Plâng, plângi, plânge, plângem, plângeți, plâng

Strigă mai tare decât tine.

He shouts louder than you.

Îmi place să plâng la filme.

I like to cry at movies.

Vocabulary XXXIX

A prezenta – To introduce

A invita – To invite

A  conta – To matter

Oricum – Anyway

Bună – Hot

Așa că – So

A crede – To believe

A cunoaște – To know

Jenant – Embarassing

Păr – Hair

Prost – Stupid

A râde – To laugh

A părea – To seem

A saluta – To say hi

Hai să….la o/un – Let’s….at a

Cafenea (f.) – Coffee shop (Pl. Cafenele)

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3 thoughts on “Lesson 39 – Seduction”

  1. Haha, useful stuff. The most important, I was always saying to friends that if I would pick up a girl using just romanian – it would mean that I can speak on the good level

  2. bună seara dragă echipa…în loc să zic,,vă râde lumea de mine aș spune așa că …(Lumea va râde de mine)..șî( nu e chiar așa bună ) se traduce așa că(she is not even that good)..Atunci aș spune( nu e chiar așa caldă) she is not even hot which means sexually attractive(în engleză)!!!

    1. In Romanian we say e bună about a hot girl.
      E caldă doesn’t mean that she’s sexy :)) but it could mean that she has a fever.

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