Lesson 40 – Music & Flirting

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Watch out, things are getting pretty insane on Simple Romanian!

Music XL

Seduction XL

Two weeks in his training, Sebi is already getting interest from the ladies. Here he is talking to a girl outside of a club. She is smoking outside (remember, it’s not allowed to do it inside). She’s flirting with him and he makes all the decisive moves based on her positive response. Enjoy!


Sergiu: Pari a fi genul de fată căreia îi place foarte mult rockul.

You seem like the kind of girl who likes rock very much.

Girl: Chiar îmi place.

I really like it.

Sergiu: Smashing Pumpkins, nu?

Girl: Ce?

Sergiu: Îți place Smashing Pumpkins cumva?

Do you by any chance like Smashing Pumpkins?

Girl: Nu.


Sergiu: Și ce asculți?

And what do you listen to?

Girl: Orice gen de muzică, rock mai mult. Manele nu. Tu?

Any genre of music, rock more. Not gypsy music. You?

Sergiu: Eu ascult în principiu Smashing Pumpkins și Nirvana, chiar dacă s-au terminat, au murit demult.

I basically listen to Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, even if they’re finished, they died a long time ago.

Girl: Da, îi frumos. Îmi place și mie.

Yes, it’s beautiful. I like it too.

Sergiu: Hai să mergem să ascultăm niște muzică într-un alt club.

Let’s go listen to some music in another club.

Girl: Da, de ce nu?

Yes, why not?

Grammar XL


Here you are. The thing nobody wants to teach you, the imperative form of verbs and a good list that you can study so you can really understand the rules.

The imperative only exists for the second person in Romanian. The second person singular imperative is generally the same as the third person singular present form; aside from this, there is no one rule for forming this imperative. The second person plural imperative is almost always the same as the second person plural present indicative form.

Fii! Fiți!You Be! Y’all be!
Cheamă! Chemați!Call!
Vino! Veniți!Come!
Du-te! Duceți-vă!Go!
Spune! Spuneți!Say!
Vorbește! Vorbiți!Speak!
Ascultă! Ascultați!Listen!
Înțelege! Înțelegeți!Understand!
Cântă! Cântați!Sing!
Scrie! Scrieți!Write!
Citește! Citiți!Read!
Cumpără! Cumpărați!Buy!
Plătește! Plătiți!Pay!
Mănâncă! Mâncați!Eat!
Așteaptă! Așteptați!Wait!
Gustă! Gustați!Taste!
Bea! Beți!Drink!

Now that you know how to give a command, I will show you a cool trick that you can use so you can use a completely new tense right now.

Let’s pick the verb a alege (to choose). To say  “I was choosing”, you just add the auxiliary form of the verb “to have”( the same one you use to form the past tense) onto the infinitive form of the verb like this:

Alegeam, alegeai, alegea, alegeam, alegeați, alegeau

Vocabulary XL

Gen (n.) – Gender, genre (Pl. Genuri)

Chiar – Really, actually

Chiar dacă – Even if

A se termina – To run out

Se termină mâncarea – The food is running out.

S-a terminat mâncarea – The food is over.

Cumva – By any chance

Orice – Any kind

Manea (f.) – Gypsy music (Pl. Manele)

În principiu – Basically

Demult – A long time ago

Într-un alt/Într-o altă – In another

Artă (f.) – Art

Chitară (f.) – Guitar (Pl. Chitare)

Chitarist – Guitar player

Tobă (f.) – Drum (Pl. Tobe)

Basist – Drum player

Try this line to really impress:

Muzica lor e intensă dar subtilă! – Their music is intense but subtle!

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