Lesson 43 – Health

When just eating honey doesn't satisfy you anymore...
When just eating honey doesn’t satisfy you anymore…

Street Conversations XLIII

I began to realize that health is the most important thing to have in this world. So I said, let’s see what girls have to say about this subject!

Sergiu: Ce-ar trebui să facă oamenii ca să fie mai sănătoși?

What would people have to do to be healthier?

Girl: Oamenii ar trebui să facă mai mult sport și să mănânce sănătos.

People would have to exercise more and eat healthy.

Sergiu: Ce-ar trebui să facă oamenii să fie mai sănătoși?

What would people have to do to be healthier?

Girl: Mai mult sport, să mănânce mai sănătos, să nu fumeze, să nu consume alcool. Cam așa…gândesc. Lucruri pe care eu nu le fac.

More sport, eat healthier, not smoke, not consume alcohol. That’s kind of how..I think. Things that I don’t do.

Sergiu: Da? (Then I stopped the recording to find out more)


Sergiu: Inspirat de sfaturile ăstea, voi mânca niște miere.

Inspired by this advice, I will eat some honey.

Grammar XLIII


Today we will learn some simple constructions that will help us express ourselves much better. Just replace the nouns and verbs and play with the pronouns a bit to get the sentences you want to make.

Construction I

Îmi spăl dinții pe care vreau îi păstrez.

I wash the teeth that I want to keep.

Construction II

Îmbrățișările pe care le dau mă fac să mă simt mai bine.

The hugs that I give make me feel better.


We will learn one verb for today. Since you had so many new things thrown at you, it’s time to sleep!

A dormi (to sleep)

Dorm, dormi, doarme, dormim, dormiți, dorm

Dorm opt ore pe zi ca să trăiesc o sută de ani.

I sleep eight hours a day to live one hundred years.

Vocabulary XLIII

Sănătos – Healthy

Sănătate – Health

A consuma – To consume

Alcool – Alcohol

Cam – Kind of

Așa – Like so, how

Inspira – To inspire

Inspirat – Inspired

Sfat (n.) – Advice (Pl. Sfaturi)

Dinte (m.) – Tooth (Pl. Dinți)

Dentist (m.) – (Pl. Dentiști)

A păstra – To keep

A dormi – To sleep

A îmbrățișa – To hug

Îmbrățișare (f.) – Hug (Pl. Îmbrățișări)

A trăi – To live

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4 thoughts on “Lesson 43 – Health”

  1. Bună seara echipă…pot să spun ..Îmbrățișările pe care le dau copilor mei și prietenilor mei mă fac să mă simt mai bine ?

    1. Bună seara,
      Se poate, cu diferența că se folosește copiilor în loc de copilor 😀
      It’s possible, with the difference that copiilor is used instead of copilor 😀
      So copiilor is written with two i’s.

      1. i have seen copi written with trei i copiii and they say in assimil that it is a major difficultie in primary schools for students in their dictations!!!

        1. Yes, children find it very difficult, but it’s quite simple if you think about it. There is no such thing as copi. Only copii and copiii.
          Copil is child, copii – children and copiii – the children.

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