Lesson 46 – Surprises

Just bare with me lol

Street Conversation XLVI

I know that this topic is a little more “out there”, but bare with me. All the next lessons will be much more normal!

Sergiu: Îţi plăceau jucăriile Kinder Surprise când erai mică?

(Go to Lesson 52 to understand more about why I used era instead of ai fost)

Did you like Kinder Surprise toys when you were little?

Girl: Da.

Sergiu: De ce?


Girl: Pentru că eu am prins poate perioada aceea după 90 când au început să apară şi cumva erau ceva nou pentru noi copiii atuncea şi de-aia era foarte…era foarte frumos pentru noi.

Because I probably got to live in that period after the 90’s  when they started to appear and somehow they were something new for us kids back then and that’s why it was…it was very beautiful for us.

Grammar XLVI

Let’s learn some childhood verbs for today.

A lovi and a râde, “to hit” and “to laugh”

Lovesc, lovești, lovește, lovim, loviți, lovesc

Râd, râzi, râde, râdem, râdeți, râd

L-am lovit de multe ori pe Ion pentru că nu voia să îmi dea mingea înapoi.

I hit John many a times because he did not want to give me back the ball.

Până și copiii mici râd de oamenii care scriu cu î din i în mijlocul cuvintelor.

Even little kids laugh at people who write with î from i in the middle of the words.

This is a true story, by the way. You learned something new today about our spelling and the Romanian child behaviour).

Bonus Simple Romanian Phrases

Lecția asta e dedicată lui Snoopy. (Lui always means “to” in this context).

I-o dedic lui. I-o dedic lui Snoopy.

This lesson is dedicated to Snoopy. I dedicate it to him. I dedicate it to Snoopy.

Surpriza e că nu mai există ouă Kinder Surprise!

The surprise is that Kinder Surprise eggs no longer exist.

Hai să batem mingea.

Let’s “beat” the ball. (That means let’s play with it)

Vocabulary XLVI

Jucărie (f.) – Toy (Pl. Jucării)

Perioadă (f.) – Period of time (Pl. Perioade)

De x ori – X times

Minge (f.) – Ball (Pl. Mingi)

Până și – Even

Mijloc – Middle

Lecție (f.) – Lesson (Pl. Lecții)

A dedica – To dedicate

Dedicat – Dedicated

Surpriză (f.) – Surprise (Pl. Surprize)

romanian family of nouns

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One thought on “Lesson 46 – Surprises”

  1. I am feeling nostalgic this Sunday morning. Ever since I decided to go talk to a woman in the main market, my website grew to 46 lessons and 747 words! That means that if you or a person decides to do a Romanian lesson a day (my website ranks very well on that) he will learn about 16 new words a day (which is better than how I learned Swedish to fluency). This for me is incredible, every week I am thinking of the next lesson. I am basing every lesson on my life experiences.
    I couldn’t do this without my friends who inspire me to keep writing new lessons no matter what.
    I am also inspired by some of the kind words that I heard in my conversations with strangers, I thank all of them for bearing with me and letting me make fun of them just so you guys….just so you guys can LEARN ROMANIAN!

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