Lesson 52 – Driving in Romania

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This is crazy…

Street Conversation LII

This is dangerous.
Open up your head feel the shell shock!  Haha, I don’t know how to describe this lesson, maybe it’s the most dangerous one I’ve made so far?

Ok, this week I’m thinking of learning how to drive, so that I don’t get into those pesky trains where gypsies rob you all the time. But my question is. How fast do people drive?

Sergiu: Dacă ai ști să conduci, cu ce viteză ai conduce maxim?

If you knew how to drive, what speed would you drive with maximum?

Non-driver: Maxim? O sută douăzeci.

Maximum? 120.

Sergiu: Și de ce n-ai merge mai mult sau mai puțin? (More correct to say mai rapid sau mai lent)

And why wouldn't you drive more or less? (More correct to say f"aster or slower")

Non-driver: Ca să nu fac accidente...nu știu...așa, pur și simplu.

Driver: Da?

So I don't get into accidents...I don't know...like that pure and simple.

Sergiu: Care e viteza maximă cu care ai conduce?

What's the maximum speed you would drive with?

Driver: Depinde de context. În ce context?

It depends on the context. In what context?

Sergiu: Păi știi să conduci?

Well do you know how to drive?

Driver: Da.

Sergiu: Dacă ar fi să zicem limita, care-i limita în România apropo?

If the limit were let's say, what's the limit in Romania by the way?

Driver: Care-i limita în România în oraș? Cincizeci.

What's the limit in Romania in the city? 50.

Sergiu: Cincizeci numa'?

Only 50?

Driver: Nu?

Sergiu: Și ai trece vreodată (de) peste cincizeci?

And would you ever pass 50?

Driver: Păi da. Hehe.

Well yeah. Hehe.

Sergiu: Cu cât?

With how much?

Driver: Păi nu știu, prin oraș nu aș conduce prin centru cu mai mult de șaptezeci, optzeci, depinde.

Sergiu: Și de ce?

Driver: De ceee? Păi nu știu. Sunt zone în care îi ok...cred, nu-i ok legal, dar îi ok pentru că îi liber, de exemplu noaptea sau....înțelegi?

Whyyy? Well I don't know. There are areas where it's ok...I think, it's not ok legally, but it's ok because it's free, for example at night or...you understand?

Sergiu: Da, asta era, asta voiam să aflu...

Yes, that was it, that's what I wanted to find out...(You need to read up on the imperfect tense to understand more about era, voiam etc.)

Find out in the next lesson if I’ll forever be a pedestrian or if I decide to drive despite these speed maniacs.

Grammar LII

When I made the lesson about music, I talked to you about a cool trick to create a completely new tense. This tense is actually called the imperfect tense. Today we will be looking at the always irregular verb “to be” in the imperfect tense.

Eram, erai, era, eram, erați, erau

The exact same terminations apply to this verb as well. What makes it special is that the radical is completely different. A fi makes the radical er- and then adds all the usual imperfect terminations to form the beautiful conjugation that I wrote above. And that’s it for today, join me tomorrow when I speak about Arabic writing

Bonus words LII

Mort – Dead

Nu vezi cum se tot ține după tine? E moartă după tine!

Can’t you see how she keeps chasing you? She’s head over heels  (we say dead in Romanian) after you!

Nu frate, nu vezi că vrea să mă calce cu mașina? Mă vrea mort, fra!

No brother, can’t you see she wants to run me over with her car? She wants me dead, bruh!

Vocabulary LII

A conduce – To drive

Viteză (f.) – Speed (Pl. Viteze)

Maxim – Maximum

Minim – Minimum

Rapid – Fast

Lent – Slow

Accident (n.) – Accident (Pl. Accidente)

Pur și simplu – Pure and simple

Context (n.) – Context (Pl. Contexte)

Limită (f.) – Limit (Pl. Limite)

Zonă (f.) – Area, Zone (Pl. Zone)

Legal – Legal

Ilegal – Illegal

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