Lesson 53 – Arabic Writing

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So I never learned how to drive, after I found out how people drive in Romania. But I did book a flight to the Emirates. This lesson is written to you from there (I can’t record or do my usual type of lessons here). After you read this lesson, you may change your mind about Romanian and learn this beautiful language, or at least its beautiful alphabet.

Alfabetul arab este derivat dintr-o formă cursivă a alfabetului nabatean, derivat la rândul său din cel aramaic. Alfabetul arab s-a dezvoltat începând cu secolul al VII-lea, odată cu fixarea în scris a texului sacru al religiei islamice. În prima fază sunetelor b, t, n, y le corespundea grafic un singur semn!!

The Arabic alphabet is derived from a cursive form of the Nabatean alphabet, derived in its turn from the Aramaic one.  The Arabic alphabet developed starting from the seventh century, along with the setting in writing of the Islamic religion. In the initial phase, the b, t, n, y sounds matched graphically to a single character.

Find out more about the language and writing in the article below:

Romanian article about the Arabic language

This was a short article, but it packed a lot of new words for you to learn. I will be coming back to Romania with fresh powers so get ready for more of Simple Romanian’s adventures.

Grammar LIII

Time to learn the gerund!

Gerund is a verbal mood expressing a continuous action dependent on another verb. Let’s see some sentences that will help you easily understand the concept.

Făcând asta, renunți la tot ce ai construit.  By doing that, you are giving up everything you built.

A face transforms into făcând

Mergând încet, vezi mai multe. Going slowly, you can see more.

A merge transforms into mergând.

A plecat mulțumind. He left thanking.

A mulțumi transforms into mulțumind.

Most verbs take the infinitive radical and they add -ând. Fewer verbs take the infinitive radical and add -ind.

That’s all you need to know. There are no real rules, but you can guess which verb adds which termination and check that assumption using Google.

Vocabulary LIII

Alfabet (n.) – Alphabet (Pl. Alfabete)

A deriva – To derive

Formă cursivă – Cursive form

La rândul său – In its turn

A se dezvolta – To develop

Începând cu – Starting with

Secol (n.) – Century (Pl. Secole)

Odată cu – Along with

A fixa – To set

În scris – In writing

Sacru – Sacred

Religie (f.) – Religion (Pl. Religii)

În prima fază – In the initial phase

Sunet (n.) – Sound (Pl. Sunete)

A corespunde – To match

Grafic – Graphically

Semn (n.) – Character (Pl. Semne)

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