Lesson 56 – Weather

Young pretty woman learning romanian.
Young pretty woman learning romanian.

Street Conversation LVI

I was killed here in Iaşi. My last wish to God was to make one more Simple Romanian lesson with the angels in heaven. This is the result:


Sergiu: Ce zici de vremea asta?

What do you say about this weather?

Girl 1: Mi se pare puțin rece dar îmi pare bine că e soare și e frumos.

It seems a bit cold but I’m glad it’s sunny and beautiful.

Sergiu: Și mâine cum crezi că va fi?

And what do you think it’s going to be like tomorrow?

Girl 1: Sper să fie și mai cald și mai frumos mâine, cred că tot însorit. Nu cred că va ploua.

I hope it will be even warmer and more beautiful tomorrow, I think still sunny. I don’t think it will rain.

Sergiu: Cum crezi că va fi vremea vara asta?

What do you think the weather will be like this summer?

Girl 2: Cred că o să fie la fel de cald ca și vara trecută. Gradele nu știu să ți le zic dar știu că la Oradea de-obicei e mai cald cu două grade decât aicia, de-obicei acolo e vreo treișunu, treiștrei de grade și aicia mă gândesc că vreo douășșapte, douășopt.

I think it’s going to be as warm as last summer. The degrees I can’t tell you but I know that in Oradea it’s usually two degrees warmer than here, usually there it’s about thirty-one, thirty-three degrees and here I think twenty-seven, twenty-eight.

Sergiu: Da, da, mersi mult.

Yes, yes, thanks a lot.

Sergiu: Cum crezi că va fi vremea toamna asta?

How do you think the weather will be this autumn?

Girl 3: Sincer nu știu, dar nu mă aștept la rezultate foarte bune.

Honestly I don’t know, but I’m not expecting very good results.

Sergiu: Ai zis că probabil ca și primăvara?

You said that probably like spring?

Girl 3: La cât e de sucită vremea, lasă de așteptat orice interpretare.

As twisted as the weather is, it leaves any interpretations open.

Sergiu: Toamna asta va fi aiurea, ca începutul de primăvară.

This autumn’ll be random, like the beginning of spring.

Sergiu: Cum crezi că va fi vremea iarna asta?

What do you think the weather will be like this winter?

Girl 4: Iarna asta o să fie o aversă foarte mare de ninsoare cu biscuiți, biscuiți Oreo, nu orice fel de biscuiți.

This winter there’s going to be a very big downpour of biscuit snow, Oreo biscuits, not any kind of biscuits. (In heaven there is no snow, just Oreo biscuits).

Grammar LVI

As you are now already quite skilled with Romanian, you are probably familiar with the past participle of most verbs. You wouldn’t be able to express the past tense otherwise, unless you speak only using the imperfect tense or the recent pluperfect tense 😉

Well, here comes the supine!

We already covered all the other moods and they are:

The infinitive

The indicative

The participle

The conditional

The subjunctive

The imperative

The gerund

The supine however is not as common as most other moods but you will see it being uttered in this very lesson and maybe in future lessons.

All you have to do to build this mood is simply add de before the past participle of any verb. Here are some examples for you to help you understand why we even need supine:

Sunt multe de făcut.

There’s a lot to do.

E simplu de înțeles.

It’s simple to understand.

Am de ales între trei opțiuni.

I have to choose between three options.

Vocabulary LVI

Vreme (f.) – Weather (Pl. Vremuri means times)

Rece – Cold

Soare (m.) – Sun (Pl. Sori)

Cald – Warm

Însorit – Sunny

A ploua – To rain

Vară (f.) – Summer (Pl. Veri)

Trecut – Past

Grad (n.) – Degree (Pl. Grade)

Vreo – Around, about

Toamnă (f.) – Autumn (Pl. Toamne)

Rezultat (n.) – Result (Pl. Rezultate)

Primăvară (f.) – Spring (Pl. Primăveri)

Sucit – Twisted

Interpretare (f.) – Interpretation (Pl. Interpretări)

Aiurea – Random

Iarnă (f.) – Winter (Pl. Ierni)

Aversă (f.) – Downpour (Pl. Averse)

Ninsoare (f.) – (Falling) Snow (Pl. Ninsori)

Zăpadă (f.) – Snow (on the ground) (Pl. Zăpezi)

Biscuite (m.) – Biscuit (Pl. Biscuiţi)

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