Lesson 62 – Technology

Romanian Translations
This is the keyboard we use in our office 🙂

Street Conversation LXII

I just realized how great technology is in uniting all the languages of the world. Listen to the audio below and please tell me what language the man in the end is speaking on the phone.

Sergiu:  Da, o căzut jos o dată…uhuh…da’ nu s-o spart de… numa’ un pic, îi, adică îi…la Lucas ce e?

Yes, it fell down one time…uhuh….but it did not break perm…just a little, it’s, I mean it’s…what’s at Lucas? (I was talking about my recorder which fell down while I was listening to some Smashing Pumpkins)

Kati: Lucas?

Sergiu: Da, Lucas.

Kati: Așteaptă-mă aici!

Wait for me here! (my girlfriend went into a store because I wanted to record someone without him knowing it and she was embarassed, I think)

Sergiu: Ah, bine.

But first a woman passes speaking really loudly in Romanian, so now you have some extra words to learn…

Woman: Păi oricum, prima dată…da, în principiu să vină marți dimineață, da?

Well anyway, the first time…yes, basically, she should come Tuesday in the morning, OK?

I finally got to record a man speaking in a strange language…what is he saying?

Vocabulary LXII

A cădea – To fall

A se sparge – To break

Produs (n.) – Product (Pl. Produse)

Invenție (f.) – Invention (Pl. Invenții)

Program (n.) – Program (Pl. Programe)

Funcționalitate (f.) – Feature (Pl. Funcționalități) – It also means FUN ctionality (this is supposed to be funny)

Torent (n.) – Torrent (Pl. Torente)

Mecanism (n.) – Device (Pl. Mecanisme)

Tehnologie (f.) – Technology (Pl. Tehnologii)

Matematică (f.) – Mathematics (Pl. Matematici)

Parolă (f.) – Password (Pl. Parole)

Inginer (m.) – Engineer (Pl. Ingineri)

Japonia (f.) – Japan

Electricitate (f.) – Electricity

Automatizare (f.) – Automation (Pl. Automatizări)

Călătorie spațială (f.) – Space travel (Pl. Călătorii spațiale)

Cercetare (f.) – Research (Pl. Cercetări)

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