Lesson 64 – Zoolander

So much history in this picture!


This is the lesson I started to write when I was at the Great Wall and today I hope you can learn something from it. Also, it’s an ode to Zoolander.  Check out Lesson 34 for my first Zoolander-inspired lesson.

Sergiu: Nu eram ca orice alt copil care visează să fie astronaut. Pe mine mă interesa mai degrabă ce fel de scoarță aveau copacii. Richard Gere e un erou adevărat pentru mine. Sting. Sting ar fi un alt erou. Muzica pe care a făcut-o de-a lungul anilor. Nu prea o ascult, dar îl respect pentru că o face.

I wasn’t like any other kid that dreamed of being an astronaut. I was more interested in what kind of bark a tree was made of. Richard Gere is a real hero of mine. Sting. Sting would be another hero. The music he made along the years. I don’t really listen to it, but I respect him for making it.

I was quoting a scene from the first Zoolander movie. It was one of the best scenes of all time.

Now that you know well over 1200 words, you should watch movies with Romanian  subtitles, especially movies made in Romania for natives. You’re ready to do it. As a simple Romanian I don’t watch any movies so I don’t want to recommend you anything, but I will give you a link with all Romanian movies sorted by their relative popularity.

Here it is!

Bonus link with a list of cartoons that you can find with Romanian dubs if you look hard enough

This list also contains American and British movies probably because they contain some Romanian language.  Look for a Romanian name after “Director:” and that movie will almost always be Romanian.  The 31st movie is the first one in the list made for us natives.

So…watch “The Death of Mr. Lăzărescu” or “Filantropica” or one of the other thousands of movies and let me know what you think of them.

Vocabulary LXIV

A visa – To dream

Astronaut (m.) – Astronaut (Pl. Astronauți)

A interesa – To interest

Mai degrabă – Rather

Scoarță – Tree bark

Copac (m.) – Tree (Pl. Copaci)

Erou (m.) – Hero (Pl. Eroi)

De-a lungul anilor – Along the years

A respecta – To respect

Actor (m.) – Actor (Pl. Actors)

Actriță (f.) – Actress (Pl. Actrițe)

Regizor (m.) – Director (Pl. Regizori)

Scenariu (m.) – Script (Pl. Scenarii)

Vedetă (f.) – Star (Pl. Vedete)

Desen animat (n.) – Cartoons (Pl. Desene animate)

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