Lesson 75 – Italo Disco

You didn’t THINK I, THE GREAT SIMPLE ROMANIAN, would put up a normal picture, DID YOU? This Swedish band is called ITALO BITCHES and I liked the way they show.

Street Conversation LXXV

This is the fastest lesson I ever made, based on a comedy video which I did in the winter. It’s July….of course it’s not winter now in Romania, what did you even think?

Anyway this is going to be easy as a lot of the new words are similar to English but also difficult because I am speaking faster on purpose, but we’re in lesson 75 and you can TAKE IT! The audio is in the video below:

La noi în anii ‘90 cea mai tare muzică era din anii ’80. Când eram în clasa a 3-a și veneam acasă de la școală nu puteam să mă controlez și tot ascultam aceeași piesă italo-disco din ‘84. „Self-Control”.

Care va fi cel mai popular gen muzical din România în anii ‘20?

Cred că o să fie Italo Disco. Sper.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. Sperăm, sperăm.

N-o să răspund la întrebarea asta pentru că nu știu genuri muzicale și-o să mă fac de rușine.

Dar pot să pun 1..-5 secunde din co…interacțiunea asta, nu?

Da! Poți să pui, îți dau acordul meu. 5 secunde și vezi că o să mă uit. Cum se numește canalul de YouTube?


In our country in the 90s, the hottest music was from the 80s. When I was in the 3rd grade and I would come home from school I couldn’t control myself and I kept listening to the same Italo-Disco song from ’84. “Self-Control”.

What will be the most popular musical genre in Romania in the 20s?

I think it will be Italo Disco. I hope.

Perfect, perfect, perfect. We hope, we hope.

I’m not going to answer this question because I don’t know music genres and I’m going to embarrass myself.

But I can put 1..-5 seconds of this co…interaction right?

Yes! You can put it, I give you my consent. 5 seconds and watch out ‘cuz I’m going to look. What is the name of the YouTube channel?

What do you think I wanted to say when I said: “Dar pot să pun 1..-5 secunde din co… interacțiunea asta, nu? “

Where does the co… come from? Copie (copy) or conversație (conversation)?

Sentence of the year LXXV

Am făcut niște copii pentru copiii mei.

I made some copies for my children.

Vocabulary LXXV

perfect – perfect

secundă – second

interacțiune – interaction

a controla – to control

acord – agreement

a răspunde – to answer

muzical – musical

canal – channel

popular – popular

rușine – shame

control – control

piesă – song/piece

clasă – class

copie – copy

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