Lesson 8 – Anger

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Street Conversation VIII

The last conversation was so good, that I decided to focus on feelings this week as well. I was not disappointed.


Sergiu: Ce e cu tine?

What’s wrong with you?

Girl: Hmmm, îs* nervoasă.

Hmmm, I’m angry.

Sergiu: Serios, de ce?

Really, why?

Girl: M-au concediat şeful.

The boss fired me. (Small error, she should have said M-a concediat şeful.)

*Regional version of sunt.

Grammar VIII



Today we will learn some basic verbs that will help you show off what you can or can not do (or say)

Spun I say
Spui You say
Spune He, she says
Spunem We say
Spuneți You say
Spun They say


Pot I can
Poți You can
Poate He, she can
Putem We can
Puteți You can
Pot They can

The first verbs are always the hardest, especially since the most common ones are irregular. Later we will see that the verbs are not going to be so crazy.


One exception that you will see in a few adjectives is the change from -ist to -iști.

For example the masculine plural form of Trist is Triști. Adjectives ending in -ist will behave like this.

Dialogue VIII



Sergiu: Ce e cu tine?

What’s wrong with you?

Daniela: Sunt foarte supărată.

I’m very upset.

Sergiu: Serios? De ce?

Really? Why?

Daniela: Nu-ţi pot spune.

I can’t tell you.

Key Vocabulary VIII



Cu – With

Supărat – Upset (M.Pl. Supărați)

Nu – No, not

A putea – Can

A spune – To say, tell

Sentiment – Feeling

Trist – Sad (M.Pl. Triști)

Fericit – Happy (M.Pl. Fericiți)

Entuziasmat – Excited (M.Pl. Entuziasmați)

Nervos – Angry (M.Pl. Nervoşi)

A concedia – To fire

Şef – Boss

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