Lesson 9 – Languages

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This is how learning Romanian feels like.

Street Conversation IX

Since my favorite topic came along, I decided to brag about the languages I can speak.

Sergiu: Ce limbi vorbeşti?

What languages do you speak?

Girl: Engleză, spaniolă şi franceză.

English, Spanish and French.

Sergiu: Eu vorbesc română, engleză şi suedeză.

I speak Romanian, English and Swedish.

Grammar IX


Today we will learn the verbs “to speak” and “to listen”. Listening and speaking are two important elements to learning a language along with writing and reading.

Below is the verb “to speak”:

Vorbesc I speak
Vorbești You speak
Vorbește He, she speaks
Vorbim We speak
Vorbiți You speak
Vorbesc They speak

And now for the verb “to listen”:

Ascult I listen
Asculți You listen
Ascultă He, she listens
Ascultăm We listen
Ascultați You listen
Ascultă They listen

Dialogue IX

Sergiu: Vorbești română?

Do you speak Romanian?

Daniela: Vorbesc puțin. Tu vorbești engleză?

I speak a little. Do you speak English?

Sergiu: Engleză? Nu o vorbesc.

English? I don't speak it.

As you already know o means “her”, we use “her” here because a language is feminine.

Bonus word IX

Vorbă* – Word (Pl. Vorbe)

Este vorba despre – It’s about

Este vorba despre limba ta nativă.

It’s about your native language.

*This word is used mainly in expressions. To learn the Romanian word for the word word, visit Lesson 37

Key vocabulary IX

Română – Romanian language

Engleză – English language

Franceză – French language

Spaniolă – Spanish language

Suedeză – Swedish language

Puțin – A little

Mult – A lot

Limbă – Language

Limbă străină – Foreign language

Limbă nativă – Native language

A scrie – To write

A citi – To read

These last verbs are to be conjugated in the next lessons!

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